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Veste - KAPPA4SOCCER VIANMEN - Kappa white

Veste - KAPPA4SOCCER VIANMEN - Kappa white
  • Plein: 100% Polyester
  • Doublure: Football
Veste - KAPPA4SOCCER VIANMEN - Kappa white

Du 13 au 17 mars 2017 a eu lieu à Vancouver la 7e édition de LAK, la conférence Learning Analytics and Knowledge . Plus de 1000 personnes de partout dans le monde sont rassemblées pour discuter de l’émergence d’un nouveau champ d’études : l’analyse des données au service de l’apprentissage.

Le learning analytics a été défini lors de la première édition du LAK. L’analyse de l’apprentissage est “la mesure, la collecte, l’analyse et la communication des données sur les apprenants et leurs contextes, afin de mieux comprendre et optimiser l’apprentissage et les environnements dans lesquels il se produit”.

These days many designers can code–an  MooLee Robe Trapèze Sans Manche Femme blanc blanc M
 for landing a job. But few are just as fluent in their own language as they are in Javascript. That presents a  serious problem in terms of design . Users still depend on copy  to interact with apps and other products . If designers don’t know how to write well, the final product–be it a physical or digital one– can suffer as a result .

In his “ 2017 Design in Tech Report ,” John Maeda writes that “code is not the only unicorn skill.” According to Maeda, who is the head of computational design and inclusion at Automattic and  former VP of design  at VC firm Kleiner Perkins, words can be just as powerful as the graphics in which designers normally traffic. “A lot of times designers don’t know that words are important,” he  Chez BoBos Robe Femme Courte Asymétrique à Bretelles Décontractée Robe Casual Bleu
 while presenting the report at SXSW this weekend. “I know a few designers like that–do you know these designers out there? You do know them, right?”

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